Amazon 2012

The bus ride from the Airport to the harbour, notice the front windowMotorkars or better known elsewhere as Tuk TuksThe nicer buildings were covered in tileThe AmazonThe first leg of our journeyThe Amazon QueenOr you could take a dugout canoeIquitos HarbourSpud bargesThe local busTransferring for the next leg of our tripIndiana a local town with the new town hallThe marketRita and KristenExplorarama Lodge, our first homeThe hammock houseGetting orientatedHome Sweet HomePisco Sour, the local drinkLocal fishermanTermitesCruising down the riverRita and KristenTight squeezeHeading into the lagoonSlothSloth with her babyLily pad about 4' in sizeAmazonia, a pretty good local beerTree frogBoa, overhead during a night hikeButterflyLeaving the lodge for a hikeThe Shamen driving away my evil spiritsRita's turnBoaBoaSlothExploranapa Lodge our second stopWe went Piranah fishingA young local fisherman with a tiger fishStopped in a local village, typical houseThe kitchenMomaThe brand new secondary schoolThe elementry schoolThe teachers houseOur fishing efforts served up for dinnerTarantulaNight hikeThe canopy walkwayGoing upThe floorScared of heights?The Anaconda about to eat the Tucan (temporary tattoos)Life is goodThe Amazon ForestAOKThe highest point of the walkwayCoral snakeRelaxingGood beerDittoThe house petGetting ready to leaveFinal farewellCashewsAmazon Pink DolphinOur CaptainA local schoolGood-byeDrying fishBuilding a dugout canoeLeaving how to build thatch for a roofMy turnSunsetsIMG 6447IMG 6453TarantulaThe chicken treeACTS, my third homeThe best idea, a bar, dinning room and hammock all togetherGoing looking for gatorsMonkeysMarmoset monkeyTapirCeiba Tops Lodge, the fourth LodgeDinning RoomLobbyLocal entertainmentSnake danceTarantulaIndiana market on a Sunday at 6 a.m.Going to visit another small townThe local road, a little narrowMonkey IslandTucanNew friendsSlothAnacondaSure is fastCoatiAmazon TurtleCeiba TreeLargest tree in the AmazonGeorge of the JungleIquitos Market (about 4 blocks X 8 blocks in size)Pick you fish for lunch then bar-b-que itChoose your piece of gator for lunchTobbaccoTurtleTake out foodThe slums along the river just after the floodFloating townSad to go

Well I was able to check off one more item of off my bucket list, and once again the best thing about the trip was the people I met.  Our little group consisted of Rita, her daughter Kristen and our guide Penilo and a nicer group of people you could not have hoped for.  The first 3 days we were a group of four then Rita and Kristen had to head home and then we were two.  Started in Iquitos, Peru and spent 6 days on the Amazon and her tributaries and then ended with one night in Iquitos.  The days were a combination of boat trips and hikes, and we also would do a hike each evening in the dark; the remainder of the time was spent in the hammocks or drinking Pisco sours or other refreshments.  Took a lot of pictures however the birds did not co-operate and sit still for me; good thing I’m not a birder; same with the Pink dolphins.

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