Bahama's 2015

Port Lucaya Marketplace Freeport, Bahama'sWent looking for a Guiness and found a Irish PubMolly Malones, the only place I didn't find a Guiness, they were out. Go figureRum Runners was always hoping with the localsA nice little YachtWalk along the beach past different hotelsDerrick, Jeanie and I went parasailingWent diving with Unexso Dive CenterHad some friends join us for our dives, the Reef Sharks hung around for both divesStingrayThis was the biggest one (between 6-7') and was about 10' awayDive buddiesFive of us rented two cars and went touring. The east end of the islandStopped at Bishops for lunch and a beer or twoDerrick and JeanieCal and LynnLynn and II'm a chairOur motley crewtough lifeLucayan National Park cavesThe walkway down to the beach over the mangrovesGlad we had a walkwayLucayan National Park beachJust about all to ourselvesTides coming inthen moved to Barbary beach just before sunsetDerrick and I decided to go QuadingWe quaded in the bush for awhile then headed down to the beach. Typical beach houseOur guide telling me storiesThen back to the Garden of the Groves for lunchFound some real talkersNice little spot for a cold oneThe local beerDecided to rent a vehicle for a second day and do the west end of the islandLooking for good Conch shells at the west end of the islandLots to dig throughdead mans reef at Paradise coveHad to stop for some beer and lobsterEvery girls favorite wineNo fooling around, your rum comes packaged with mix so there is no down timeFortune BeachWater, beach, beer and good friends. What else can you ask forDerrick is struggling with the idea of cold waterHe's freezing to death, but the water was really quite warmStarting to get aclimitized to the water temperature

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