Charleston 2011

HomePub right next doorCobblestone streetBattery Park, built after the War of 1812Security system in case of a slave revoltUSS YorktownFort SumterOne of three walls that are leftUnexploded shellDrayton HallMagnolia PlantationMiddleton PlantationPotterCooperAtlanta AquariumWhale SharkGiant Manta-RayLong Saw-toothed SawfishSand Tiger SharkWhole lotta crabsBeluga WhalePicture of a tourist taking a picture of a touristElectric eelWorld of CokeOlympic ParkWent for a rideCNNWestin Hotel, where I stayedI was told that this was the Ghostbusters building but it's really in New YorkBank of AmericaView from my roomKayaking with StaceyWas dumped in the river the night beforeReal or not?Are we having fun yet?Stacey in her new KayakJulie and Stacey's homeJulie

During September I ventured off to Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a fantastic trip especially for anyone like me that enjoys history and old homes.  Charleston was special, it’s one of the few places in North America where the entire historic section of the city is intact without any infills so the homes all range from around 1680 to the 1860’s. Also being able to go to Fort Sumter where the Civil War (or as the southerners say the war of Northern aggression) began was interesting.  Then off to see a few plantations before going to Atlanta.  The Aquarium in Atlanta was well worth the visit but the highlight was being able to visit with my friends Julie and Stacy and to spend the day with Stacy kayaking down the Chattahoochee River.And you know it’s a small world when I was sitting in an Irish Pub in Charleston and one of my friends Phil, an Aussie from the Grand Canyon trip comes in a sits down two bar stools away from me.