China 2015

Our Group for touring ChinaThe Great WallOnly 5000 km's to goA bar, now who would put one of those hereOf course we must sample the local waresA typical meal, very similar to what we would get at homeA then off to the Ming tombsA series of temples and gates you go through on the way to the tombThe tombBeijing's old townGoing for a Rickshaw rideHeading out with Jason, our local guide for BeijingLinda and DixieVery few homes in Beijing but this one belonged to a local artistRoof tilesHis studioThe local tire repair shopPeking Duck for dinnerCindy, Ashley and I went out to the local Russion nightclub for the nightTai Chi in the park at 6:00 a.m.A small pagoda in the park for early morning meditationA bar at nightBartering with the local vendorsThe Summer PalaceFerries on the lake to transport people to the PalaceThe covered walkway. A 1/2 mile and all painted insideGardens at the PalaceArlene having her usual evening drinksTiananmen Square on a rainy dayLonely guard with no one at the squareChairman MaoThe Forbidden CityThe Citys gardenBeijing is a very modern city of 22 million. It doubled in population since 2000Modern skyline and roadsBut they can still fill up a scooterCars, bikes and scooters fill up the roadways, they estimate 7 million vehicles on the roadBicycle/scooter parking lotBecause of the smog, those with Asthma tend to mask upA local Park with all kinds of exercise equipmentThey may not be yung anymore but they are still agileGrunt grunt groan groan, I made itOh Linda that feels goodOk lets stretch those calveslots of musicans but they arent looking for money, they just do it for funA combo of Tai Chi and paddle ballNow Don, this is how it is really doneAn interesting idea, these parents are comparing notes on their children and are matchmaking for themThe Hall of Prayer at the Temple of HeavenSurprised at the amount of green space in the cityFlew to Xi'an. The city wallGuard post on the wallXi'an is known for the Terra Cotta warriors. This is the entrance to a local restaurantThe hostessDayan PagodaScary warriorThe ArmyThey are found in pieces and then slowly put back togetherMy gangThe cities are modern, but the electrical leaves a little to be desiredDumpling banquetTang Dynasty showEnd of the day cocktails and beer. Ok maybe a little wine alsoThe Jade factoryRice Paddy'sFish farmsYichang city, the start of the Yangtze River Cruise. The local shopping area, Ashley looking for free Wi-fiThe local marketNoodles hangingDried lizardOur ship, the Yangtze Gold. The start of a 700 km tripThe Captains dinner. Fil, Pauline, Lyn, Barry, Cindy, myself and AshleyAre we ready to partyIts dancing time. Charlotte, Ashley, Luane and DixieLove those socks Fil, did you get them hereBarry and LynPauline and Fil showing us how it is doneLate night on the deck. Dixie, Tanya, Geraldine and CharlotteFil, Pauline, Barry and LynCindy and AshleyNot smoky, just a little smoggyAll kinds of boats using the waterwayLots of side valleysFarms along the river terraced into the hillsideLots of various buildings along the riverPagoda on top of the knobThe Three Gorges DamThe lock systemLove his haircutBest pair of pants ever made, I need some of theseThe locks at nightEntrance into the Tribe of the Three GorgesCrossing the bridgeBridge across the streamWalkways along the gorgeFishing boatAre you checking for mail LynCormorantsAshley and myselfLinda and CharlotteWaterwheelspauline and FilDoing laundryThey had lots of cute signsLooking for a beerNo beer, but I found a ladyWalkways along the YangtzeWushan. Gravel trucks lined up along the bank.Lots of barges converted into local businessesThe side gorges were some of my favorite spots along the riverFishing boatFishing net setPulling the netsDixie and EleanorLinda, Gerldine and ArleneAmazed at how they buile these sidewalksMy first homeGoat farmer watching his goatsAll kinds of trails down to the river for the local bargesDocking to go to the Shibaozhai PagodaLadies come down to the river to do the washVenders selling ells along the roadwayAnyone need a liftHow does this work, two little ladies with the big ride. These ladies ran most of the way up the hill.And two guys with the ladyThey have gates everywhereThe bridge crossing to the PagodaFarming the banks of the riverI guess this means we go this way.Shibaozhai PagodaBarry and LynWhere did she get to this timeNo kidding, its 100 feet straight downThe new style of backpackFinal debarking from the YangtzeArrived in Suzhou in time for the nightly cocktails with LynFil and barry checking out the beerSuzhou's old townMust be good soupThe Lingering GardenPauline and Ashley posing for picturesPut two blondes by the water and the boys come outLook what I foundDixie and FilArlene and LuaneDamn, now where did she goAshleyCindy, Lyn, Pauline and AshleyEleanor and LindaMinionsThe old town is a series of canels and marketsNeed a liftOr if you ratherThe marketA working manInteresting foodTurtles for soupThey use these brooms everywherePeking duck in the makingHome made grocery cartIs this Venice or China. Marco Polo had his influenceSharing a DQ cone with Eleanor and ArleneEven George comes hereCranes everywhereWelcome to ShanghaiNew meets oldThey have some of the coolest buildings in ShanghaiThe Bund, a walkway at the mouth of the YangtzeShanghai Tower (2073 feet) second tallest in the world. It is a building within a buildingI love the globesBut they still have some of the old ones alsoCruise ship dockedArlene, Linda, Charlotte and EleanorA bunch of drunk Canadians from the cruise ship having fun.Shanghai at nightGreat use of the old phone boothsNanjing Road. The main dristric for shoppingSo you can shop or sit at the bar. Go figure what we didAnd if you plan it right they will come and sell you selfie sticks while you drinkGeraldine with a new toyPush this button and it will take your picture. Or you could push the button by your left hand GeraldineWhat!!!Trust these two to find a KFC.These figures were at a local restuarantLooks like me at 2:00 a.m.Definitely not meVisiting a silk factoryBarry and Fil thinking about doing a fashion showMongolian grill for lunchGoing into Shanghai's old townA tea houseSunday crowdsYou have to love their signsMike said there was nowhere to buy beer in old town. Ha!!!!Ok it was a little balcony that held two in an alley. But we got beerMike, our tour guide saying goodbye to DixieThe final beerMike, our tour guideThank you China for being such a great hostOk ladies, follow the yellow flag because we are going home

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