Egypt 2012

Egypt 2012On the Mews in London with Helen, first coffee after a long overnight flight. Buckingham Palace in the backgroundThe Horse GuardHelen found herself a guard, but couldn't fit him in her suitcaseBig Ben a.k.a the new Elizabeth TowerThe London EyeSt Paul's CathedralThe eyeget a great view from up hereWalked along the Thames and there were lots of watering holes along the way, we were on the way to a Football Match so we unfortunately couldn't stopNow Luke, this is a real mini-cooper. Poor guy he stopped for a second and had this crazy Canuk attack him.Tower BridgeCheering for Fulham, unfortunately they lostEgypt, we made itOur boat the EmiloThe upper deckWorking out with my new fitness instructor Louie from Cape Cod. Okay Louie was just a new friend and not a instructorHelenEsna TempleGetting checked out by a localLife along the NileFeluccaHelen, Louie, and his daughter RonyRiver trafficNobles tombs with a live localFound these types of structures all along the riverA product of irrigationSunset the first night outThe unfinished Oblisk, it cracked during construction and was abandonedHelen with the ObliskBrian a typical civil engineer, trying to make little rocks out of big ones.David and Maggie, on a 8 month leave and traveling the worldPhilae templeHelenWhere's my Captain Morgans RumMorning tea on the NileHelen and Rony working outA muesum in AswanA mummyMyself, Brian and Liz (on their honeymoon), Helen and David starting the evening with a Gin and TonicA few G & T's later and poor MaggieEvening entertainmentFeluccaHelen, Louie and Rony, we decided to go and hit the local marketThe MarketA spice shopHelen bartering for a belt, the only guy she couldn't talk into a dealAnyone for lunchBuying a Keffiyeh for Egyptian night on the boatAswan Botanical Gardens set up by KitchenerTaking the boat to the gardens Helen, myself, Liz, Brian, Maggie and DavidThe kids are floating around on Styrofoam with paddles on their hands, they come up to the boats and sign for tipsTombs of the NoblesThe gardensHelen taking us homeIt's my birthday and I'm going to partyDressed up and sneaking in the windowNow where is that partyDavid, Rony,Helen, the birthday boy Liz, and MaggieRony and IThe three musketeeers; myself, Louie and BrianThe Norwegian connectionBrian, Liz, Louie and RonyWorn out after the partyKom Ombo templeHelen and I at Kom OmboComing aboardLife along the riverThe locksThe locals bartering their wares even through the locksThey would toss there wares up and then start to barterBelieve it or not but this is our CaptainHeating up the morningA nice way to see the NileHelen looking up riverI want to flyMaggie and DavidLooking up into the balloonThe pit crewWaiting for the balloon the deflateKarnak TempleHelenIn front of the Karnak ColumnsObliskSecurityLuxor TempleAl-deir al-bahari templeLiz and Brian our honeymoonersSpare partsLocal transportThe Valley of the QueensInside the tombs in the valley of the Queens and the Kings the colours were still intactHouses along the road to the Valley of the QueensThe great Pyramids in CairoOur guide took our cameras and loved having us poseQueen of Sheba and myselfJust another Mummy in the tomb of QueensClimbing out of the tombTomb entranceHelen and I getting ready to ride off into the SaharaThe SphinxMaking sure no one steals itThe Step Pyramid. The new government doesn't like the steps so they are removing them and making it a smooth side. So much for historyHistory being destroyedBucked offA dig siteThe streets of Cario22 million people in CarioIt's Bar-B-Que Our lunch for twoSaluteSunset in Egypt

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