France 2013

Eiffel TowerDonHelenParis's miniture Statue of LibertyBest way to get around Paris, the Batobus runs up and down the Seine RiverNotre DameOne of two bridges of love padlocksVery relaxed society, having wine in the park by Notre DameMusee Du Louvre. Stretches for several blocks, one picture can't do justice to it's sizeTwo blocks further down and it still goes onA park at the end of the Avenue Des ChampsAvenue Des ChampsArc De TriompheHelenSacre CoeurA small square of ArtistsNow that's a pubAnd of course had to check out the Moulin RougeMusee D'OrsayEcole MilitaireMusee De L'ArmeeSacre CoeurGrand PalaisMusee Du Louvre, notice how it goes on foreverPantheonDinner at the Eiffel TowerThe Eiffel tower at nightLittle markets everywhereMusee De L'ArmeeCathedral at the Musee De L'ArmeeNapolean's tombGrounds at the Musee De L'ArmeePetanque, a french version bocceThe man purse tree. A palce to hold their bags while they playA tow truck, everything is minitureMiniture street sweepersGrand PalaisAnd of course you need to stop regularly for a glass of wine.Sucking the odd oyster is another traditionAre you sure these are cooked, they don't look like it.Typical side streetsFloating down the Seine at night, not a bad view from the BatobusOk, another oneVersaillesThe mirror roomFrom the gardensThe GardensGrand Canal, not bad for a backyardMarie-Antoinette's Estate Hidden in the back corner of the gardenPool table, notice no pockets, just holesMiniture fire truckThe Vineyard we stayed at in the Loire ValleyThe VineyardThe houseWalked into the local village of Panzoult cutting through different vineyards along the wayPanzoultQuite little placeOccasionally you see a carChateau Azay-le-RideauSpiral staircaseThe moatChateau LangeaisA tour of the vineyard with our host Marie. It's all underground in cavesMy style of wine tastingAging the wineBottled and storedChateau et Jardins du RivauWalking treesThe Chateau from the gardenChateau ChinonWine festival in ChinonLocal entertainmentThe bakerand of course some wine tastingChateau De SaumurView of Saumur and the Loire RiverA great little restaurentLane leading to the Chateau de ChenonceauChateau De ChenonceauWhat's on the menuLiked how it spanned the riverThe gardensThis was my favourite oneChateau d'AmboiseNice, FranceA wine storeThe rocky beaches of NiceNice's harbourOysters anyoneHelen checking out the spicesTypical streets in old town NiceMonte Carlo, Monaco And of course you go to Monte-Carlo to gamble, see cars and yachtsThey were setting up for the Grand Prix while we were thereThe finish lineStands along the racewayYachts backed up to the raceway. Great seatsBoats in boatsCasino et Salle GarnierParis cafe where everyone goes to drink wine and watch the cars as the wealthy come to the casinoHermitageAnd if you like to go shopping without a budget this is the placeThis one is a mere 280 feet long, with a crew of 28 and sells for the bargin price of $212 millionAnd then transportation for the rest of us, a single seateror of course you can take the train

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