Georgia/Florida 2012

SavannahThe home General Sherman used during the occupationVictorian era townhousesCollage of Arts and DesignThe RiverfrontEarly Savannah circa 1700"sOne of the many squares of SavannahThere was a square every couple of blocksIsaiah Davenport HouseJuliette Gordon Low House (founder of the American Girl Scout movement)In Forest Gump, Tom Hanks sat on a bench where the sign is talking about his life. The bench was a prop that has since been removedAndrew Low HouseI found a segwayNational Naval Aviation Muesum, Pensacola FloridaF-18 Hornet Blue AngelSopwith CamelF/A 18 HornetSikorsky S-58Grumman UF-1G/2G AlbatrossResoration HangerPBY CatalinaElectra L-188C-130 HerculesBlue Angles support aircraftF-4 PhantomSikorsky CH-53 Sea StallionF11F TigerF3H DemonF4BF2H-4 BansheeF3FCurtiss P-40E Warhawk "Flying tigers"VendicatorF9F-8 CougarF7U CutlassA-4 Skyhawk Blue AngelSNJ TexanA-1 SkyraiderJapanese A6M2 ZeroMe 262 first operational jetF2H-2P Photo BansheeT2V Shooting StarPBY-5 CatalinaHO5SPBY cutoutKawanishi N1K2-JF6F-3 HellcatJ2F DuckTBM AvengerOS2U KingfisherF8F BearcatF7F TigercatModel of the first atomic bombPB2Y CoronadoVH-3 Marine OneSH-60 SeahawkEA-6B ProwlerF-14D TomcatHH-52 SeaguardSP-5B MarlinF-8 CrusadarF/A 18 HornetCH-46 Sea KnightA-7 Corsair IIHH-1K Iroquois (Huey)Huey gattling gun and rocketsA-6E IntruderPhantomNC-4AH-1 SeaCobraFighter Squadron group carFort Pickens, Pensacola FloridaPensacola Beaches on the Gulf of MexicoThe beaches were not crowded this time of yearDunes along the roadUSS Alabama, Mobile AlabamaUSS Dunn, WWII SubmarineStacy and Julie friends from AtlantaJulieStacyGraveyard tour in AtlantaBobby Jones grave (he was the most successful amateur golfer)A memorial at a mass grave for Confederate deadMemorial to the Confederate deadSo this is where they buried my wineMargret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind

September of this year I did another trip to Georgia, this time to go to Savannah, and then tied on a trip along the Gulf coast to Pensacola and the Naval Air Museum, then over to Alabama before returning to spend a couple of days with friends in Atlanta.  Savannah is a unique city in that it was partially burnt down three separate times.  It was settled in 1733 and laid out in a 2 1/2 mile square grid with 24 squares (green spaces) which makes it a vary pleasant place to be.  Pensacola was the second major stop to see both the beaches as well as the US Naval Air Station museum, I tried my best to identify the planes but as you will see I did not get them all.  For those of you who don't like aircraft you may want to skip through this.

And lastly I was able to spend a couple of days with friends in Atlanta.  Stacy and Julie who as usual made this trip very special

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