Downtown Reykjavik

Downtown ReykjavikHallgrimskirkja, largest chrurch in IcelandHafnarhus MuseumLocal ArtOpera HouseThe HarbourLocal beerThe Blue LagoonAt times quite steamyA facial mud packAnd sometimes quite clearA lot of touristsLife is goodGetting a massage while floating in the LagoonTouring the South shore of IcelandSeljalandsfoss waterfallA lot of horse ranches, note the horses are quite smallMount Eyjafjallajokull that erupted in 2010 with the Porvaldseyri ranch at the foot of it. It shut down air traffic across EuropeThis is what it looked like when it eruptedSkogar waterfallIce along the walls adjacent to the waterfallMountains along the south shoreThe three plugsA church in VikReynisfjara Halsanefshellir black sand beachA cave covered in iceHiking in to Myrdalsjokull glacierPeople kept wanting their pictures taken with this crazy guy in shortsDSC00074Reversable mitts with two thumbs. When one side wears out you just flip them aroundFishing boatHomes they lived in until World War IIAttended a cooking class to learn how to cook Icelandic foodHard at workApetizer with smoked lambGrilling the SalmonMain courseWorking on dessertPlating the dessertAdding the crumbleTastes as good as it looksThe crewA thermal area of gysersJust missed Strokkur gyser erupting, its so quick its hard to get a pictureGullfoss waterfallSnowmobiling on Langjokull glacierIt was a large groupTwo little asian gals just thrilled with the snow