A good finish to the trip

A quick to Vegas with my buddy DerrickThe highlight of the trip was to drive a NASCAR at the Las Vegas sppedwayDerrickMyselfTop speed was 225 kphGearing upReady to go. Sorry I could not download the video, I'll try and get it on facebookJumping off the Stratosphere 108 stories up, 855 feet. was able to put the video on facebookLast chanceAnd then out to the desert to shoot GunsA nice 111 degree dayBefore we started we jumped into this bad boy for a short trip around the trackDerrick shooting a GlockThen a M-4Now it's my turnWith a Mac 10 machine gunThen the M-4Next a M249 S.A.W. light machine gunLook out hubcaps, you don't stand a chanceAnd then the prise jewel, the Barrett 50 cal sniper rifleSetting up, getting ready for the kickOne destroyed hubcap coming upA 50 cal shell. $26.00 for each shellThey brace your shoulder to minimize the kick backYou are mine nowA good finish to the trip