Norway 2013

The Canels of AmsterdamThe only way to move furniture to the top floorsLots of resturants along the canelsHelen reading Anne Franks Diary in front of Anne Franks houseRoyal PalaceJust in case you wanted to take anything home for the evening. Gives a new meaning to Liquor storeAll the houses seam to be leaning a bitA little sag in the middleRijkmuseumThe canel busesTulip marketYes they also have car2go'sBicycle parkadesWe met Sarah (Helen's daughter) and Martin for supper before we sailedThe red light districtThe things you see in store windows, some different shapesCleaning the canelsSarah, Rebecca (another daughter working on the ship as an photographer) and Helen just before we sailedBergen, NorwayAnd yes, it did rain a lotThe harbourWe climbed Mount Floyen (in the rain) and rode the funicular down. I think we did it backwardsComing downIt was their antique vehicles dayLots of fire trucksAnd their famous fish marketNorwegian beerAnd of course, the Vikings have to fightSailing out of BergenSuburbs along the fjordsSailed past a sailboat raceA little piece of the oil patchFlam, NorwayAnd thats all of FlamFjordFound a pub but at $15 a beer I took it easyFlam railwayHaugesund, NorwayIRained heavy hereStavanger, NorwayCute downtownOil Industry MuseumResidential neighborhoodFormal night on the shipHeavy transport ship supplying the North seaRigs and Production Platforms everywhereAmsterdam again for a day before fying to EdinbourghThe Royal yacht BritanniaThe bridgeComes with its own Rolls RoyceThe deck use for entertainingThe yachts' tenderDining RoomThe ParlourSpotless engine roomTea on the Royal YachtEdinburghEdinburghs fringe festivalNow that's a hairdoNot sure whats she is doing but a bathroom may be more appropriateNothing to lose your head overLooks a little like Mel GibsonEdinburgh castleView from the castleGeneral Haig's statueStadium attached to the castle for the Edinbourgh TattooThe TattooAs it got darker and we added movment the pictures got harder to focusHad to give up after this one but it was an awesome showOff to North Yorkshire, England for a few days before returning home. Filey, EnglandBridlington, EnglandLooking right at homeCliffs of ChalkTypical seasidePearl, Helen, Peter, Richard, Rachael (another daughter)Scarborough, EnglandEnough saidRachael, Helen, Richard and I. The Segway gangNorman Manor HouseBurton Agnes Old Manor HouseCastle HowardBritish Rail MuseumThe Mallard, fastest Steam Engine at 126 mphYork, EnglandA coffee shopYork CathedralThe ShamblesEngland has saggy houses alsoThe Last Supper before heading home, now thats a burger

This trip I met my friend Helen from England and we spent a few days in Amsterdam before heading out for a week cruise to Norway with Holland America.   Then back to Amsterdam for a day before heading up to Edinbourgh, Scotland.  Finally down to North Yorkshire for a few days so Helen could show off her part of the country to me.  Special bonus was we met up with 3 of her 4 daughters and the their significant others.  

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