Southeastern United States 2013

Castillo De San Marcos Fort in St Augustine Florida, the oldest city in the USA (1565). Closed due to US Government shutdown, one of many spots I wasn't able to visitSt Augustine Colonial Quarter 1590'sThe oldest wooden school house 1716I found a winery in St Augustine Florida San Sabastian Winery. Of course one had to do some samplingChecchi HouseSpanish moss hanging from all the treesA fence made of sea shellsSt Augustine Alligator farm. An albino gator, yes it is realBiloxi, Mississippi. Fishing boats in the harbourThe Biloxi stripMonmouth House, one of many Antebellum houses in Natchez, Mississippi 1818Auburn House 1812Dunleigh House 1856Longwood House 1861Longwood House from the backThe yardStanton Hall 1858Rosalie 1823Scattered Houses throughout Natchez, MississippiWhen Mark Twain wrote about Tom Sawyers fence painting this was the spot in the bookPaddle wheeler on the Mississippi, now used as a casinoNatchez under the hill, what's left of the origional riverfront from the early 1800'sThe bar where Jim Bowie (of Alamo fame) used to drink. Of course I stopped for a beerFrogmore Plantation, Louisiana. 1815 This plantation is still operating todaySlave quartersOverseer's houseCotton fieldsGin MillGin MillHot Springs National Park, ArkansasThe only thing open due to the Government shutdown was the Bath HousesBeale Street, home of the Blues; Memphis, TennesseeOne of many bands at outdoor pubsThe Hermitage, the home of President Jackson. Nashville, TenesseeSlave quartersMissed the caves in Northern Arkansas due to the shutdown so this is Ruby Cave in Chattanooga, TennesseeRuby Falls at the bottom of the caveAtlanta, Georgia Zoo. They had a number of young Gorilla'sHitching a rideSun tanningSilverbackGiant Panda'sAtlanta's Botanical GardensHad the opportunity to visit with some friends in Atlanta. JulieJillStone Mountain, AtlantaSmall Historical park at Stone Mountain. Dickey House 1840Thornton house 1790Slave quartersStacy and I did a 3 hour Segway tour of AtlantaMadmanStacy

October 2013 I visited the Southeastern United States, my mission was to visit two states that I had not yet been to, Mississippi and Arkansas.  I also was able to go to Florida, Louisianna, Tennessee and Georgia.  Due to the government shutdown a number of my planned destinations were closed noteably the old civil war battlefields of Vicksburg and Shilo as well as the caves of northern Arkansas but you just need to go with the flow and as a result I was able to go to Memphis and Nashville.  The highlight of the trip though was being able to visit friends in Atlanta, Julie, Jill, and Stacy.

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