Motor, and language disturbances can occur. non prescription viagra canada About one in five migraine sufferers experiences aura. viagra yahoo virus Aura is a phase that typically lasts about an hour. â  pain. Migraine pain itself is often on one side of the head. It's often a throbbing pain and may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. The pain phase can last from several to 72 hours. â  resolution. buy viagra canada After a migraine, many people experience deep fatigue and general malaise for up to 24 hours. 36 hour viagra side effects Not all migraines follow this pattern. There are migraines with and without aura. 36 hour viagra side effects There are also migraines with and without pain. Even within the same person, migraines are extremely unpredictable. The symptoms of silent migraine the symptoms of silent migraine include any of the typical signs and symptoms of a migraine -- but without the pain. ordering viagra from canada Physical symptoms include: diarrhea nausea vomiting food cravings loss of appetite thirst increased urination chills fatigue emotional and mental symptoms include: confusion irritability euphoria aura symptoms include: wavy or jagged lines flashing lights dots or spots in your vision blind spots tunnel vision disruptions in hearing auditory hallucinations distortions in smell or taste numbness, a pins-and-needles feeling, or other unusual body sensations difficulty remembering or saying a word other language difficulties an american migraine study involved 30,000 people with migraines. viagra canada Nine out of every 10 said they couldn't work or function normally when they had migraines. More than half said they experienced symptoms severe enough to need bed rest. Even without the pain of migraine, the other symptoms can be temporarily disturbing and can disrupt your normal day. What causes silent migraines? Researchers are now looking at migraine aura and pain as two distinct mechanisms. viagra no prescription Doing so is leading to a better understanding of silent migraine. In the past, experts thought migraines were primarily a problem with blood flow in the brain. That is they thought of them as "vascular" events. buy viagra without prescription They now believe aura is a "neurovascular" event. That means it involves the way nerve cells are firing in the brain and how nerve cell acti. generic viagra without presciption usa 36 hour viagra side effects
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I have created this site to allow for the sharing of some of my photo’s of trips or events since my retirement.   I hope you enjoy.     

When you click on a photo album it will automatically start a slideshow, it you prefer to scroll through them click on any image and use the arrows.                                                                                                          




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